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Greek poet-writer Manos Eleftheriou dies at 80

Renowned Greek post, lyricist and prose writer Manos Elefterou had died at the age of 80. Eleftheriou was suffering from a serious health problem and reportedly underwent a pulmonary surgery last Thursday.

He dies of a heart attack on Sunday. Manos Eleftheriou has written poetic collections, short stories, a novel, two narratives and more than 400 songs. At the same time he has worked as columnist, editor, illustrator and a radio producer.

He was born and raised in Ermoupolis of Syros. His father was a seafarer. At 14 years old he came to Athens with his family from Syros and lived in Halandri for 7 years before moving to Neo Psychiko.

He collaborated with great composers like Mikis Theodorakis (1967) and Giannis Markopoulos (1971).