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Communication show with fence demolition in Halkidiki

In a communications show, after the wildfires that buirnt more than 90 people in Attica, and after blaming haphazard and illegal building procedures, local municipality demolition crews began an operation to knock down a fence that was blocking access to the sea in Kassandra, Halkidiki at 9:30 on Thursday morning.

Talking to radio station "Praktorio 104.9 FM", Deputy Mayor Thomas Kontos said the work was going smoothly but would take some time because there were bushes, barbed wire and also concrete in places that needed to be removed carefully.
The municipality proceeded with the demolition in accordance with laws stipulating that there must be access to the beach every 300-350 metres. In the specific spot, there was no opening giving access to the water for 800 metres.
"It had already been planned but was accelerated in light of the tragic events, so as to take place within the summer," Kontos said, noting that this was the third time an access route to the sea was opened in Kassandra in recent years.
Municipal authorities were continuing inspections to locate additional spots where intervention was needed to comply with the law, he added.