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Death toll from wildfire in Mati reaches 91

A 95-year old woman that has been hospitalised in Thriassio Hospital intensive care unit, victim of the major wildfire in the Attica coastal village of Mati, died on Monday raising the death toll of Mati wildfire to 91.

Following her death, there are now 36 adult burns patients still being treated in hospital, nine of them in ICUs, while one child is being held for treatment at the Agia Sofia Children΄s Hospital. The number of people who have died in hospital has now increased to five.

According to the latest announcement by the fire brigade on Thursday evening, the Hellenic Police forensics laboratory has been able to confirm the identities of 81 dead bodies. There are also two bodies with available DNA that cannot be identified, who have not been sought by family members.

One more person has been reported missing by a friend. According to the authorities, one of the yet-to-be identified bodies may be that of the missing person but no family member has been found to confirm this through comparative DNA analysis. The second unidentified body on which there has been DNA analysis belongs to an unknown person not reported missing, since all the other persons reported missing have been accounted for.

The police forensics lab has not fully concluded its investigation, which is expected to finish on Friday, but police do not expect any further information to arise.