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Tsipras for fires: No tolerance any more for unregulated construction

"Attica experienced an inexpressible human tragedy. Greece has experienced a national tragedy", said Prime Minister Alexis Tsirpas following the conclusion of a meeting on the wildfires that was held at the Technological and Cultural Park of Lavrio on Tuesday.

"The mourning has been vivid the last fortnight in all our words and all our actions", Tsipras said, adding that nobody could avoid being overwhelmed by the grief for the loss of so many people, he said.
The prime minister promised "an in-depth and comprehensive examination (of the causes of the loss of life) with unassailable processes and unimpeachable specialists".
Although there can be no return to the past to correct mistakes or a way to control extreme weather conditions, he said, the government must tear up past wrongs one by one. "The chaos of unchecked construction that threatens human lives is no longer acceptable," Tsipras said. "Whatever harms forests and coasts, whatever threatens human lives, will be torn up. It is an obligation to those who died, but more than than, an obligation to the future generations," he stressed.
Criticizing the lack of "tough decisions to deal with fundamental issues" of past governments, he said that "courageous but necessary political changes were never implemented."
Concluding, the prime minister said that the government "will take immediate action in areas affected by wildfires to rebuild the quickest possible, but on a new basis of legality and respect to the environment and residents," he said.