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Excavations at Odysseus' Palace to resume

"The Prime Minister has assured us that the excavations at the Palace of Odysseus will resume," the mayor of Ithaca, Dionysis Stanitsas, said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

The mayor estimated that the prime minister's visit will benefit the island. "We had a meeting and discussed the problems that need to be solved over the next period," he said and added: "We discussed the issue of excavations in Ithaca where the palace of Odysseus was located. The municipality finances with 120,000 euros the efforts of the Ministry of Culture and the municipality to promote the site."
Stanitsas pointed out, "that the University of Ioannina carried out excavations until 2009. Then they stopped. The Prime Minister assured us that he would help the Ministry of Culture with extraordinary funding to continue the excavations."
"Ithaca is a reference point for the whole world. It symbolizes everything and I think that the Prime Minister wanted to signal a fresh start from Ithaca. I also hope that things will change as of today. The last eight years have been difficult for all of us, we cannot tolerate any more hardship, neither as a country nor as a people," said the mayor of Ithaca.