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Health minister not particularly concerned over 11 killed by West Nile virus

The Health Ministry is monitoring the cases of the West Nile Virus and estimates that the data so far do not prove that the situation is out of control.

"There is no particular concern that we will have an uncontrolled spread of the West Nile Virus, but the Health Ministry and disease control center KEELPNO are on alert," Health Minister Andreas Xanthos said in an interview with 'Sto Kokkino' radio station on Friday.
 As he said, "the necessary guidelines have been given, KEELPNO has given specific instructions to the regions for the necessary spraying," but urged the citizens to be on alert and, when there are suspicious cases, contact the health centers and hospitals of the country.
KEELPNO said on Thursday that another six people died this week from the West Nile Virus, raising the week's toll to 11. It added that all cases reported so far, from January 1 to August 22, total 107.