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“Minor” migrants set fire at refugee hot spot because food was not to their liking

A fire was started at the minors’ refugee camp of Pylaia,Thessaloniki last month, in a protest against “poor living conditions” and low quality of food provided.

The protest was organised in the early hours of the morning. During this protest the “minors” started self harming with razors and setting mattresses alight. The Greek fire brigades fought the fire immediately to prevent spreading to other areas of the camp.

The injured migrants were transported to the local hospital where they received first aid.

It seems the camp’s catering is considered very low quality by the refugees, who are used to high quality catering services in the valleys of Iraq and Syria.

At the same time a large percentage of Greek citizens do not have the financial ability to cover even their most basic needs, like food and shelter, due to the deep economic crisis that Greece has faced for the past eight years.