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Mushroom festival opens in Kalambaka

The time has come for this year's Mushroom Festival, organized by the Natural History Museum of Meteora and the Mushroom Museum in Kalambaka.

It begins on Friday 7 September and ends on Sunday 9 September.

After a thorough preparation, the organizers believe that this year's Celebration will be better than any previous one. Support from the whole local community is great, which implies a very positive result.

Everyone in the Feast: small, old and children! Events are set to stimulate interest in participation for everyone.

So, on Friday, from early afternoon, kids will have fun with stilts, jugglers, shadow theater and facial painting. Later, the orchestra of Panagiotis Zosimas, flanked by the Dance Club of Trikala, will entertain the visitors until late.

On Saturday morning everyone will go to the mountain! Mushroom picking and truffle hunting, as well as new children's performances in the square, morning and afternoon. At 19:00, the mushroom-eating seminar begins with the mushroom cooks, which involves the distribution of thousands of mushroom portions to the attendees, while the evening will feature entertainment by The Teasers and Manitarock.

The celebration ends Sunday afternoon, after traditional dances from the Dance Club of Trikala, as well as the painting workshop for children.

So there will be a rich program, but also cordial hosting! All you have to do is find out! And do not forget: IT's ALL FREE!