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Primary budget surplus for 2017 at 4.1 pct of GDP

Greece's primary budget surplus reached 4.14 percent of gross domestic product last year, based on the terms of the country's economic adjustment program, according to Finance Ministry officials.

Earlier, the Hellenic Statistical Authority said in a report that the Greek general government recorded a primary surplus of 3.9 pct of GDP, or 7.01 billion euros, for 2017.
The statistics service, in its second report on the country's fiscal data sent to Eurostat in the framework of an excessive deficit procedure, said that the primary surplus was measured according to the ESA 2010 and included revenue from privatisations, transactions on bank recapitalisation and ANFAs.
The report said that Greek GDP totaled 180.218 billion euros in 2017, while the country's public debt totaled 317.4 billion euros, or 176.1 pct of GDP, down 2.5  GDP points compared with the first report sent in April 2018.