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Greece as international trade hub

Banking giants, with assets of over 4 trillion. and millions of customers around the globe bring Greece to the forefront of international trade, n November.

For the first time, the General Meeting of the Trade Club Alliance, a global digital business network of at least 50 countries, has been built by 14 strong, international banking groups among which, such colossi as the Spanish Banco Santander, French Credit Agricole, Swedish Nordea, and Italian Banco BPM, will be held in Athens on November 8 & 9.

At the headquarters of Eurobank in Athens, representatives of 40 major foreign bankswill convene  for the 3rd General Meeting of the Trade Club Alliance

Eurobank, a key and founding member of the TCA, was chosen by the Club to host this great banking meeting, attended by dozens of foreign bankers. An especially important aspect of this initiative is that it will also be attended by representatives of foreign banks in Greek and foreign companies, which will be given the opportunity to participate in this year's Go International business mission, which will be held this year in Thessaloniki on 12-14 November 2018

This "assembly" of foreign bankers will move on the Athens - Thessaloniki axis for about a week, offering significant business networking opportunities to competitive Greek companies that will have the chance to explore the possibility of trade agreements with large foreign companies that will participate in the Go In Thessaloniki, or to be represented at meetings by the executives of their banks, that are TCA members. In fact, TCA banks have proposed most of the foreign importing companies that will participate in Go In Thessaloniki from among their clientele.

The organizers' goal is to hold a very large number of B2B business meetings this year, among more than 110 Greek export companies and more than 50 foreign import companies, most of which are customers of Trade Club Alliance. At the same time, dozens of significant foreign companies, which will not have a physical presence in the event, are going to be represented at predefined business meetings with Greek companies through the foreign banks with which they cooperate as customers.