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SDOE uses bulldozers to uncover fuel adulteration ring

The illegal activities of a gas station in Elefsina were brought to light after an operation by financial crime squad SDOE, in cooperation with the Financial Police and the Ministry of Economy and Development.

The leaked information spoke of a mechanism for liquid fuel adulteration, resulting in fraud at the expense of consumers, which was revealed after the raid at the gas station.

Using remote control, they changed the composition of the fuel reaching the pump and the fuel tanks of the cars, mixing in whatever proportion they want legal liquids, smuggles or other petroleum products, or even pure air.

Consumers were the victims of fraudsters in terms of quantity and quality of fuel.

The audit was carried out by the Operational Directorate of SDOE of Attica, following a complaint that arrived at the Co-ordination Control Center (CCC) for illegal activities at an outlet in Elefsina.

A two-day operation was immediately set up, and the control crews even brought bulldozers to dig and reveal what was hiding under the ground.

The discoveries of the Authorities

The whole system was operated on the basis of a mechanism that was actuated by two remote controls and could change the fuel mix at any time, but also which pumping pump it would end at.

Five legitimate fuel tanks, two illegal underground tanks, another unidentified 7,000 liter tank, and another twice the size of 14,000 liters.

Also, an entire underground pipeline network was discovered, draining fuels from illegal tanks into legitimate ones.

In addition, a 4,000-liter tanker was found from which the counters, a computer and informal books, were removed, with the help of which the Authorities were trying to determine the volume of illegal motor fuels being trafficked, as well as persons or addresses associated with the ring's action.

Upon completion of the investigation, which is still in progress, prosecution orders will be filed with the relevant Prosecutor's Office for the prosecution of those responsible.