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Livid Patriarch faces Greek education minister

Information on what was said at the meeting between Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Education Minister Kostas Gavroglou on Saturday at Fanari, the newspaper TA NEA reports.

According to the newspaper, the anger of the Patriarch was such that he faced Mr. Gavroglou "as a teacher with a wayward student". He pointed out to him that he, at least, a "Phanariot" and a competent minister, should have informed him in time to intervene, and to take into account the position of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, that he should not have been sidelined, and that they will see his wrath.

Indeed, the Ecumenical Patriarch reportedly told the Minister of Education, in a strong tone: "It;s not acceptable that Erdoga respects me, and Tsipras devalues ​​me, I do not accept it."

"I did not face the attacks of the whole of Russia, Putin, will I accept this collusion against me? You are deluding yourselves," the Ecumenical Patriarch added.