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Turkish FM: More threats against Cyprus and Greece

The "give in and save the Cyprus issue" was not and will not be the policy of the Turkish government, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said during his briefing to the parliamentary budget committee. On the issue of the Aegean, he said Turkey would raise the matter for discussion in the National Security Council.

Turkey's attitude on the Cyprus issue is clear, the Turkish Foreign Minister stressed. "What did we say at Krans Montana last year? Those who say zero guarantees and security should wake up from their dream, we said. Where did we say "give it and save it"? We move on these issues together with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We never had such a policy. And we will never have it either," he underlined.

The Turkish Minister said that on the issue of the Aegean islands there was relevant information provided to the opposition parties and all the explanations have been given. "Until the Imia 1996 crisis what was done, was done. After that, no government has any responsibility in this matter. There is no de facto or legal change on any of these islands," Cavusoglu said, adding that it is a very sensitive subject for political exploitation.

The Turkish Minister also argued that the exploratory talks had begun before his party came to power since the time of then Prime Minister Bulent Ejevit. "Why did they start? To solve the problems of the continental shelf and the territorial waters with Greece. Will this issue be solved with Greece through diplomacy or will we go to court? There is another choice for us. If our national assembly and state evaluate that choice then it will be a one-sided choice. That is another issue. We will also take this issue to the National Security Council," he said.