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Boars chase man who dove to the sea for salvation

Six boars in Mikro Vathy, Avlidas took to chasing a young Pakistani who ran to the sea to save himself, according to eviazoom.gr.

The young man, standing next to the train tracks, saw the wild boars from far away coming towards him and began to run inpanick. While running, he called 112 for help but he was forced to dive into the sea, to save himself.

A moment later, police and coast guard arrived and rescued the young man. According to the information, the wild boars came down from the Ritsona forest.

Thisis one more in a series of incidents with boar sounders (tribes) that faced with dimiishing food sources in winter leave forests to forage near human settlements. Boars have been spotted in the outskirts of Athens and Thessaloniki, and have made incursions into towns situated athigher altitudes.