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High school students arrested over school take-over for the Macedonian issue

High school students were arrested in Agrinio, along with their parents as instigators for the take over of their school in protest over the Prespa agreement.

The students were arrested on Friday because they allegedly were the ones who prompted the occupation of Agrinio Second Gymnasium, according to the agriniopress website. The occupation at that school began on Thursday - as in many others throughout Greece - for the Macedonian issue, but at the particular high school it continued on Friday.

The students who were arrested, under the charge of disturbing domestic peace, are 14 and 16 years old. Their paresnts were arrested for neglect of supervised minors, his parents were arrested while a 14-year-old and his parents are being sought.

According to the school's principal, they never filed a lawsuit against the students and the Authorities acted on their own initiative and the school staff were simply asked to file a deposition, according to the same information.