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Poll: ND leads by only 4.7%

In the poll of KAPA Research for the newspaper "Ethnos", Nea Demokratia has a 4.7 percentage point lead over SYRIZA, garnering 25% of voter intentions.


ND 25%
SYRIZA 20.3%
Golden Dawn 7.9%
KKE 5.8%
Centrist Union 2.3%
ANEL 2.2%
Greek Solution 1,8%
Potami 1.5%
Popular Unity 1.3%
Other party 3.3%
Blanc / Invalid 1.7%
Undecided 12.6%
Abstention 6.8%
As concerns who will win, ND accounted for 58%, compared with 28% of SYRIZA, while of those polledin the question of who is the most suitable prime minister 33% said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, 27% Alexis Tsipras, and 39% answered "none of the two."

Early elections

The majority of respondents are in favor of early elections. In particular, 44% said that parliamentary elections should be held earlier than May 2019 and 18% would be held in May 2019, along with municipal and European elections. 34% want to be at the end of four years in the autumn of 2019.

52% facing difficulties

In the same poll, 52% responded that it was difficult or too difficult to make ends meet. 39% answered "neither easily nor hard", while only 8% responded "very easily,or, easily".

In addition to the question of whether they felt shame on specific issues since 2010, 50% said yes, "I did not have the money to pay a household's fixed need", 41% in "I could not cover the cost of service in my car "and 38%" I did not have the financial capacity to cover an extraordinary health problem in my family."

What issues are the Greeks concerned about?

Most of the respondents are concerned with job creation, economic growth and education, while only 19% say it is concerned about developments in the FYROM issue.

The most important issues that concern society

49% job creation
39% the growth of the economy
28% improved education system, education
28% corruption in public life
23% the insurance system - pensions
22% strengthening health system
21% refugee / migrant
20% reduction in taxes
20% reinforcement of investment
19% of developments in FYROM

In favor of "yellow vests"

Finally, the same poll shows a positive attitude of the Greeks towards the "yellow vests". 47% said they are in favor of the mobilizations in France and 25% rather in favor.