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Constitutional revision of article 3 on state-religion relations passes

Featured Constitutional revision of article 3 on state-religion relations passes

In a dramatic turn of events, the revision of article 3 of the Greek constitution regarding the relations between the Church and the State has passed.

It had been initially reported that the revision was rejected by lawmakers as it had garnered 150 votes.

This means the motion calling for the abolition of any mention to the Holy Trinity in the preamble and the reference to a “prevalent religion” will be revised in the next parliament.

The proposal put forward by SYRIZA finally received 151 votes, despite initial reports of it garnering 150.

Article 3 in section 2 of the Hellenic Constitution states:

The prevailing religion in Greece is that of the Eastern Orthodox Church of Christ. The Orthodox Church of Greece, acknowledging our Lord Jesus Christ as its head, is inseparably united in doctrine with the Great Church of Christ in Constantinople and with every other Church of Christ of the same doctrine, observing unwaveringly, as they do, the holy apostolic and synodal canons and sacred traditions. It is autocephalous and is administered by the Holy Synod of serving Bishops and the Permanent Holy Synod originating thereof and assembled as specified by the Statutory Charter of the Church in compliance with the provisions of the Patriarchal Tome of June 29, 1850 and the Synodal Act of September 4, 1928.