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Polakis brings new lows to Greek democracy

Featured Polakis brings new lows to Greek democracy

The case of deputy health minister Polakis is now taking a very unpleasent turn, following the unprecedented recording of the conversation between the Deputy Health Minister and central banker Yannis Stournaras and the leakage of their conversation, together with threats, to SYRIZA's mass media.

What began as a "suspicious" bank loan by Pavlos Polakis, from a bank fully controlled by SYRIZA, is evolving into a case that tests the institutions, since the recording was at the initiative of Polakis - who then leaked it - and brings again in conflict the government with the central banker.

Only the means used this time resemble a third world country rather than a European one.

The consumer loan that Pavlos Polakis received from the Bank of Attica, worth 100,000 euros, with a mortgage on a property already mortgaged on another loan, created a lot of questions and a lot of criticism from the opposition parties from the very first moment it was revealed.

Since the amount of the loan is considered unprecedented and the guarantee is not given. While Polakis' subsequent statements that the salary of a deputy is lower than his salary as a doctor, hence the need for borrowing, have caused even greater questions, since his ways and means statementsshow the opposite.

The investigation followed by the Bank of Greece showed that the procedure followed by the "nefarious" Bank of Attica was legal, but there was no check on the actual elements of the contract. If, that is to say, the property actually secures the loan. This is expected to happen later.

The case, however, takes on other dimensions than the Polakis initiative to call Yannis Stournaras, not just to record their conversation - part of which was just leaked to a site that acts in favor of SYRIZA - but to accompany it with direct threats against the central banker .

Threats to controls he was supposed to do and has not done for media loans and politicians, adding that if he does not, Polakis will go and settle hings in his office until he does what is required. In vain, Mr Stournaras explained to Mr Polakis that these checks he had asked for had been carried out and that he could not carry out further checks unless he was instructed by the SSM Supervisory Authority.

The fact of recording is unprecedented for Greek political times and obviously also for European, and international reactions have not yet been seen. Even so, from yesterday evening, the partners had been informed, and of course there will be reactions.

As a first step, the support to Pavlos Paulis from the PM's office was expected.

Even Minister of State Christophoros Vernardakis, who spoke of "honesty to the maximum" on the part of Pavlos Polakis, was also called upon to do so. In contrast, of course, with Members who took care of their distances.

The announcement of SYRIZA in particular, noted that Pavlos Polakis has taken loan as half Greeks have done, and there would be a problem if you he had gotten kickbacks and not now for getting loan and putting a mortgage on his house.

That is, an attack on main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, his wife and New Democracy spokesperson Maria Spyraki.

Besides, the same reaction, the utter tolerance of the government, has also occurred in other provocative cases, such as the attack by Polakis against the now deceased journalist, Vasilis Besenis.

It remains to be seen whether the unprecedented events that took place on Monday night will force the government to change its attitude towards Polakis, since his unprecedented behavior exposes the country internationally.

However, New Democracy, commenting on the unprecedented events yesterday evening, is calling for the intervention of Justice, inter alia, for an attempt to blackmail the Governor of the Bank of Greece.