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Prince Charles to visit Mt Athos

Featured Prince Charles to visit Mt Athos

Prince Charles will be visiting the Holy Mountain of Athos in Macedonia, Greece this Easter once again. But this time he will travelling incognito, according to sources.

The successor to the throne of Great Britain has officially visited the Monastic community, located on the third peninsula in Chalkidiki three times in the past 6 years, while some say he has visited Mount Athos more times in complete secrecy.

During his visits, Prince Charles is hosted at the Vatopedi Monastery and resides in a 30-square-metre cell which has a bed, religious icons, the New Testament, while the luxury of this cell is that it has its own bathroom. The Prince spends his day following the monastic programme.

However, this year could be different from his previous visits to Mount Athos, as rumours have it that he will be accompanied by Prince Harry.

As a result, the visit will take place incognito and the Duke of Sussex, who recently became a father, will also wake up early in the morning, pray and engage in long philosophical and religious talks with the monks.