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Four Greeks in Forbes richest people list

Featured Four Greeks in Forbes richest people list

The total aggregate fortune of the four Greeks that are listed on this year's Forbes list with the richest people in the world stands at $ 9.3 billion, .

Filippos Niarchos, Spyros Latsis, Aristotle Mystakides and Vardis Vardinoyannis are the four Greeks included on the list this year. But there was a change as to who was found in the Greek "top", compared to 2018.

The richest Greek, according to Forbes's list for 2019, is Filippos Niarchos, who is at position 804 on the list, with a fortune of $ 2.8 billion.

Filippos Niarchos is the eldest son of Stavros Niarchos and inherited most of his father's art collection. He is considered to be the largest private collection of works by Vincent van Gogh, Forbes notes, and also includes Pablo Picasso's "Yo, Picasso" painting. From the time he acquired the collection, Niarchos added to it other works, including Andy Warhol and Mauritsio Catelan.

The second richest Greek is now Spyros Latsis - after Niarchos passed him. He is in position 838 on the list with a fortune of 2.7 billion dollars.

Spyros Latsis manages the property of the family after the death of his father, Yannis Latsis, in 2003. The family is still engaged in shipping through Latsco Shipping, but has also invested in the banking, real estate and oil sectors, Hellenic Petroleum, Lamda Development, and EFG International, notes Forbes.

Aristotle Mystakidis is in position 1.116 of the Forbes list, with a fortune of 2.1 billion dollars. Until the end of 2018, he was head of the Glencore Ore Gall. He has Greek and British citizenship, and became a billionaire when Glencore entered the stock market.

Finally, Vardis Vardinoyannis is in position 1.349 of the Forbes list among the richest people in the world, with a fortune of $ 1.7 billion. He is co-founder of Motor Oil, and the family has, among other things, investment in shipping and banking.