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Producers, ministries meet to discuss fallout of EU-US trade war on Greek products

Featured Producers, ministries meet to discuss fallout of EU-US trade war on Greek products

Officials of the Ministry of Agricultural Development & Foods met with Greek producers in Athens on Friday to discuss the repercussions of an EU-US tariff conflict on Greek exports to the United States.

Representatives of trade associations included producers of grapes and wine, olive oil, olives, milk and cheese, and fish. Officials represented the Ministries of Agriculture, Foreign Affairs and Economy & Development.
Greece will present a united European front with the EU, Agriculture Minister Stavros Arachovitis said. He noted that although the trade war between the EU and the United States, which the US started with EU subsidies of aircraft manufacturer Airbus, is not immediately relevant to Greece, "it will affect Greek products."
The minister expressed optimism however over the repercussions on Greek exports to the US, citing the "positive results before the danger of US (tariffs) on feta, following the efforts of the Greek side and the Ministry." Feta was on the list of EU products that were scheduled to get a steep import tariff but was exempted after negotiations.
Speaking to Athens-Macedonian News Agency, president of olive oil industries (SEVITEL) Grigoris Antoniadis said, "We don't know the amount of tariffs (the US intends) to impose on olive oil and other products, but we believe they will be high. The European Federation of Olive Oil is up in arms. (...) If tariffs are too high, we will be shut out from the American market, because no American consumer would choose to buy olive oil at twice the price."