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Forbes: Beach in Hydra in “must visit” European beaches in 2019

The beach of Vlychos on the island of Hydra is among the most beautiful European beaches you should visit in 2019, as Forbes writes.

The 2019 list by European Best Destinations (EBD) of trendiest beaches in Europe includes some hidden gems as well as other, better-known, romantic and beautiful spots, from the ‘secret’ Cala Pregonda on Spain’s Balearic island of Menorca to Vlychos Beach on the Greek island of Hydra, writes journalist Cecilia Rodriguez for Forbes.

Vlychos Beach, Hydra Island, Greece

There are different routes for reaching the idyllic Hydra Island and the beautiful beach of Vlychos. You can go by car on a three-hour drive, plus a ferry crossing from Athens. Braver visitors go by foot (a 37-hour-hike plus ferry). The easiest method is by bus to Athens Harbour (the port of Piraeus) and then aboard a ferry to Hydra for a two-hour crossing. There are six ferries each day so no need to hurry or book in advance.

From Hydra port to the beach is a 30-minute walk.

Vlychos is one of the only sandy beaches on Hydra. The sand was shipped there by an Englishman, the owner of the bar. “If you like music of the seventies, grab a stool, order a nice cocktail from the bar and enjoy that moment of pure nostalgia,” recommends EBD. “If not, rent a deck chair away from the speakers and enjoy this little slice of paradise.”