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Economist: Santorini is the most Instagrammable spot

Featured Economist: Santorini is the most Instagrammable spot

Santorini is one of the world’s most popular destinations. Now, Greece’s most famous island holds a new title, as it has become the country’s most ‘Instagrammable’ spot, with over 5.2 million posts with the tag #Santorini.

People from all around the globe are now flocking to this breathtaking Cycladic isle just to snap a photo and post in on their Instagram account.

The Economist journalist Jessica Bateman, in a recent article titled ‘The Worrying Future of Greece’s Most Instagrammable Island’ wrote, “If ever a place felt like it was made for Instagram, it is Santorini. The southernmost island in Greece’s Cycladic region, it is famous for its expansive sunsets and blue and white domed churches, both of which have become a common backdrop on many an influencer’s feed. Its dramatic cliff-face – actually a crater formed from a devastating volcanic eruption in 1600 BC– is almost guaranteed to make first-time visitors gasp and whip out their smartphones.”

Unlike other Greek or worldwide destinations, the Cycladic isle needs no promotion, with the island now turning back tourists and trying to limit the daily cruises which have thousands of visitors descending upon the island during peak season in summer in an effort to get that perfect shot of the famous Caldera and Santorini sunset.

“Santorini has very unique geography that people want to photograph immediately,” the island’s deputy mayor told Loukas Bellonias told The Economist.

According to reports, some two million people visited Santorini in 2018 and locals say there were days when up to 18,000 visitors on cruise ships alone were seen disembarking at the island’s port, which is a high number considering that only about 15,000 people actually live on the island.