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Deadly storm in Greece: Six tourists dead, one person missing in minutes

Featured Deadly storm in Greece: Six tourists dead, one person missing in minutes

Six people dead, one missing, dozens injured (over 100) with fractures, some seriously with craniocerebral injuries, cars overturned, destroyed caravans, uprooted trees, roofs of houses blown away, damaged shops, no electricity in many areas…



The reports from the Hurricane that hit Chalkidiki on Wednesday night are tragic.

Between the six human lives that were lost were two children aged two and eight years old.


All six victims were tourists who enjoyed their vacation in the beautiful Chalkidiki .



Within minutes, the hurricane swept everything in its path, leaving behind destruction and death.

A 54-year-old mother and her 8-year-old son were at a tavern in Nea Plagia, when the hurricane ripped off the roof, crushing them.


A Russian father and his only two-year-old son went to a tree covered in Nea Potidea. The hurricane uprooted every tree in its path. One of them has killed the tourist and his child.

Two elderly people from the Czech Republic, their son and their 19-year-old grandson had parked their mobile caravan on a beach in Sozopoli. The hurricane dragged the caravan killing instantly the couple while the son was injured, as was their 19-year-old grandson.

Six injured people, including a woman in the ICU, are being hospitalized in the Papanikolaou Hospital. Twelve injured people are at Polygyros Hospital and five children are at Gennimatas Hospital.