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Evia in flames - village evacuated

Featured Evia in flames - village evacuated

A large fire broke out on Tuesday morning from an unknown cause, in a forest area, in the area of ​​Agrilitsa in the municipality of Dyrfion - Messapion, Evia.

The fire broke out at about 3:10 am and large Fire Brigade forces have already been mobilized. The fire brigade was alerted about a quarter after three o'clock in the early hours of Tuesday and was immediately instructed to rush to the area with strong forces.

Indeed, as the Fire Brigade informed at the time, "The forces in the area of ​​Agrilitsa of the village Dyrfios - Messapia, Euboea, have been mobilized in total: 80 firefighters, 39 fire trucks, 7 groups on foot with 41 firefighters, 6 firefighting vehicles with 12 firefighters METPE (Motor Specialized Fire Brigade), 4 aircraft & 2 helicopters, 8 heavy vehicless, and 10 water carriers".

The Monastery of Our Lady of the Virgin Mary has already been evacuated, with no homes in danger. So far dense forest is burning and the smoke is so intense that it has reached as far as Attica. The front of the fire is moving in the forest area of ​​Agrilitsa, in the municipality of Dorfi-Mesapion Evia.

Evacuation of Makrimalli village
At the same time, shortly after 08:00, the Fire Brigade called for the evacuation of Makrimalli village, as the fire front was moving in the direction of the village.

Speaking to SKAI radio, Mayor George Psathas spoke of "a very serious fire with "lots of fuel" as a pine forest burned at 3 am" and added that five people were evacuated for preventive reasons.

The firefighting task is hampered by very strong winds and rough terrain. Residents of the villages near the front of the fire (Agrilitsa, Kontodespot and Makrimalli) have been informed that they are on the verge of evacuating their homes should the flames approach.