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Helicopter crash at Poros - Three killed

Featured Helicopter crash at Poros - Three killed

Experts have begun investigating the tragedy in Poros after the crash of a helicopter that killed alll three aboard.

An investigation by the Air Accident Investigation Committee is expected to shed light on the case of the Augusta A109C fatal crash, the results of which will be forwarded to the Civil Aviation Authority for evaluation.

The first estimates refer to a helicopter crash that struck power cables and then fell into the sea between Poros and Galatas. The fuselage was found shortly thereafter, cut in two. Indeed, the Coast Guard divers found a "crumpled" cabin and helicopter propellers.

Witnesses of the fall

According to witnesses of the tragedy, the Agusta A109C helicopter attempted to take off at 15:40 more than once, and when it took off, it exploded. Another resident reported that the helicopter attempted to return to the helipad and then crashed on the PPC overhead cables, resulting in the crash that cost the lives of the pilot and two Russians.

For its part, the management of the company "I fly AIRLINES SERVICES SA" stresses, inter alia, that "the specific facts and causes of the accident are being investigated" and to this end they will "provide the competent authorities with all necessary assistance ».

As a 37-year-old resident of the area explained initially heard a sound, like that of high-voltage cables. Then there was a loud noise and the helicopter immediately caught fire. "Within a few seconds the helicopter found itself in the water," he says and send a photo of the helicopter sinking into the water.

In addition to the three dead, the hit with overhead cables has resulted in Poros's blackout and the island is supported by generator power last night. At the same time, it is emphasized by the power grid authority that the damage will be restored by noon and the electricity will be restored.

The course of the helicopter
The fatal helicopter Agusta A109C is owned by ifly, which is based in the Pahi, Megara and was operated as an air taxi. According to the flight plan filed, it was heading from Kranidi to "Eleftherios Venizelos" Airport, with a stopover in the Galata area to pick up the two Russian passengers.

Nikos Karystinos who was reportedly the pilot of the fatal helicopter is dead. The unfortunate pilot was a former Hellenic Air Force pilot. He was married and father of three children.

The other two killed are reportedly of Russian origin Abramov Mikhail and Davel Akolinin who had hired the helicopter from Galata to land at El. Venizelos.