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Samsung interested in Piraeus as a hub

Samsung Electronics high executives will be meeting with Piraeus Port Container Terminal management, in order to determine a model for cooperation. The deal is expected to be very similar to the one between Hewlett Packard and Greek Rail.

With the first contacts between port authorities and local Samsung officials already in the pipeline the arrival of the company's commercial electronics department head Bu Keun Yiun is considered crucial to the prospected deal.

The announced deal possibility has caused optimism due to the fact that among the advantages offered by Greece's main port is that its use is less time consuming for product shipment than big northern European ports like Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Samsung aren't the only electronics firm interested in the Piraeus port. A month ago it was announced that a new distribution center of Chinese firm Huawei Electronics in the Piraeus Port Container Terminal has started working in a trial basis.

Finally, another electronics giant from China, ZTE, has stated its intention to use the Piraeus port as a transporting center in order to promote its products in Europe. Additionally, regardless of a deal, the company has expressed its intention to establish a service center in Greece, which could be fully operational in the next few months.