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Germany sends note to Greek Embassy clarifying it considers WW2 claims by Greece over

Featured Germany sends note to Greek Embassy clarifying it considers WW2 claims by Greece over

The German Foreign Ministry responded in a laconic and clear one-page diplomatic note to the Greek Embassy in Berlin that it the matter of German WW2 reparations was a non-issue.

According to a report in Deutsche Welle, the with its note, the German side rejected a recent verbal diplomatic remonstration reprimand from Greece on the issue, reiterating the firm position of the German post-war governments that the issue of reparations has been legally settled.

In an article by the German News Agency (DPA) that was informed on the German response, a Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that Germany recognised its political and moral responsibility for the crimes committed in Greece during World War II, adding “We hope to continue the path of reconciliation with Greece, started by previous generations.”

From the outset of the contentious issue, Berlin has attempted to cultivate the impression that its position on the matter is “engraved in stone” and is unchanging.  The aim of the German side is to discourage the new Greek initiative launched in the summer by the verbal diplomatic mote by the Syriza government, a position which was subsequently upheld by the New Democracy government.

The issue of WW2 reparations to Greece is a rare instance where political parties in Greece have taken a united stance, with all political groups supporting the substance of the Greek claims to Germany.

Both the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias during their visits to Berlin emphasised that Greece’s claims for compensation were still in effect and on the agenda of talks in the context of bilateral relations.