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Hotels with pools for refugees & migrants in Greece

Featured Hotels with pools for refugees & migrants in Greece

A poolside hotel next to the turquoise Greek sea, atmospheric music in the background with amazing drone shots as carefree tenants are strolling along the seashores of their hotel. It might as well be a promotional video for Greek tourism by the Greek National Tourism Organisation to boost tourism in the country.

But the footage is from the International Organisation of Immigration (IOM) video promoting its FILOXENIA project which finds accommodation to house refugees and migrants transferred from the Aegean island to mainland Greece.

The 2:40 minute-long video features the stories of two families from Syria and Eritrea, expressing their gratitude for the high standard of hotel accommodations. “Through the” Hospitality “program the International Organization for Migration offers decent living conditions in temporary accommodation to vulnerable people coming from the islands. We have provided housing to more than 6,000 vulnerable migrants and refugees,” the video explains.

Rodyana, 20, the daughter from the Syrian family who is studying journalism explains: “When I left for Athens I felt better and here they are very good, very good people and want to help us and yes I can say that this is Europe”.