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CNN: Mykonos alleyways among best in the world

Featured CNN: Mykonos alleyways among best in the world

CNN included a narrow alleyway in the Greek island of Mykonos among its list of the most beautiful streets in the world.

The cosmopolitan Greek island is renowned for its nightlife, with thousands of tourists and top celebrities flocking to the Mykonos every summer.

The small quaint alleyways lined with whitewashed stores and homes, with shutters of all colours and blue doors feature in the iconic postcards.

Hora, also known as Mykonos Town, has become a mecca for tourists and those filing off the cruise liners which arrive here daily during the summer.
However, it doesn’t take long to find peace by getting lost in its rambling, beautiful streets. Narrow alleyways are lined with whitewashed shops and homes, with red, blue and yellow shutters and doors providing an added splash of color.