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101 earthquakes hit Crete in less than a week

Featured 101 earthquakes hit Crete in less than a week

Seismologists in Greece are on alert after the recent high frequency of earthquake activity in Crete. Only in the last 6 days, 101 small and medium-sized seismic vibrations were recorded, which have troubled scientists as they are still unable to determine whether the series of tremors is a pre-seismic activity of a larger quake yet to strike, or a simple cluster of vibrations.

Seismology professor Dr. Athanasios Ganas and research director at the Geodynamic Institute speaking to protothema.gr pointed out that the seismic activity is part of the usual seismic activity of the Greek faultline but added that it is not yet clear whether it is a normal high-frequency cluster or prelude to a large quake.