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Police arrest two persons for domestic terrorism

Featured Police arrest two persons for domestic terrorism

In the context of a coordinated police operation by the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, two Greek nationals, aged 36 and 35, were arrested, pending arrest warrants for the following offenses:


  • co-operating in terrorist acts,
  • terrorist organization with the aggravating circumstance of the manufacture and possession of explosives to serve the purposes of the organization,
  • grievous bodily harm,
  • simple bodily harm,
  • dangerous driving which resulted in a common danger for property and severe personal injury and
  • the deterioration of property, where its object is for the common good  

 In particular, their involvement in the following actions was found:

Attack on the offices of the "Popular League - Golden Dawn" political party, at 50 Theodorou Diligianni Street, in Athens, with an improvised explosive device (IED), which exploded around 02: 34 hours on 01-11-2019 and resulted in the arson of the above offices and
an attack on offices of the same political party, at the intersection of 14 Pindarou and Ancient Theater streets, Acharnes, Attica, with animprovised explosive device (IED), which exploded around 01:50 ' time of 23-05-2019 and resulted in the arson of the aforementioned offices.

It is noted that, in the same case and in the execution of a related interrogation order, two house searches were carried out, where numerous digital evidence was found and confiscated (PCs, etc)