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Director and son arrested at squat claim police brutality

Featured Director and son arrested at squat claim police brutality

Director Dimitris Indares and his two sons were allegedly beaten at their home in Koukaki and taken to police HQ (GADA) on Wednesday morning for refusing to allow police officersto enter their home.

As his wife complained, Mr Indares and his two sons were beaten on the roof of their house Matrozou Street, adjacent to the evacuating adjoining squat, and taken to GADA for refusing to allow entry to police "as they lacked a warrant," his wife said in a live television broadcast.

However, as she is heard on the same broadcast that was being tgelevised live during the operation, a public prosecutor was along with police, and according to Greek law, her instructions are a verbal warrant.

Police claim that the director and his sons, were involved in the squat and that they attempted to flee the police by jumping onto the roof of their own house. A fingerprint search of items thrown at police from the building (including most of the furniture) and DNA testing will reveal, whether the three were actually involved or not.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have jumped on the police brutality bandwagon, while artists have rushed to the support of the arrested director.