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Police unionist: It was an assassination attempt against officers in Koukaki and SYRIZA remains silent

Police Special Guards Union Chairman Vasilis Doumas spoke about what happened in Koukaki on Saturday with police operations to reclaim squats.

Speaking to Thema 104.6 FM on the incidents caused by anarchists, Mr. Doumas spoke of "an assassination attempt on police officers". At the same time, he commented strongly that no one from main opposition SYRIZA condemned the incidents that resulted in the injury of six police officers. "Shouldn't there have been condemnation from Syriza MPs?" He asked.

Finally, Mr. Doumas also raised the issue of updating the penal code. "If justice is able to deter these people or force them to pay for doing such things in the future. If they do not have hideouts to hide their faces they cannot attack. That is why they will reclaim the buildings if justice is not served. Otherwise there should be an adjustment of the penal code because we will never end with this issue.

  • Published in Greece
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