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Erdogan openly disputes Greek sovereignty of Aegean islands

Featured Erdogan openly disputes Greek sovereignty of Aegean islands

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unleashed a new attack against Greece, threatening that no-one could block his country from accessing the Aegean Sea.

“Those who are forming plans about island whose sovereignty is under dispute in the Aegean should be aware that their field is not free,” the Turkish president said during a visit to shipyards.

“We are determined to ensure that no one restricts us to our coasts,” the Turkish president stressed, arguing that the memorandum with Libya is neither contrary to Turkish or international law.

“As the longest coastal country, we are committed to protecting our opportunities and rights here,” he said.

Erdogan went on to accused Greece of blocking Turkey’s access to the sea.

“Greece and its allies are trying to block Turkey’s access to all seas, but Turkey will continue to have access to the EastMed through initiatives such as the Maritime Agreement with Libya and the TRNC,” he said.