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German journalist attacked and beaten during anti-migration rally

Featured German journalist attacked and beaten during anti-migration rally

The government "condemns in the strongest possible terms the fascist attack on journalist Thomas Jacobi at Syntagma Square," government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Sunday.
Jacobi was attacked by unknown persons while covering a rally on migration and refugees.

"The freedom of the press and the protection of those exercising it is the duty of every democratic state," Petsas said, adding that "the government's stance on forces of violence and extremism who fight the freedom of expression, pluralism and democracy is relentless."

He said that related authorities are investigating the incident "in order to find those responsible and refer them to justice."

According to police speaking to media, the journalist was attacked suddenly by some rally participants as soon as he started photographing the rally. When police went to help him he said he reserved his legal rights and would file a suit.

Foreign Press Association 
The Foreign Press Association of Greece also condemned the attack on photojournalist and member Jacobi.

In its statement, FPA said that it was the second such incident against Jacobi by the same people, including being injured and losing press equipment. It added it would meet with Greek authorities to press for more measures to protect journalists and let them carry out their duties in safety and without limitations. 

It's unacceptable that organized attack groups stand by rallies and try to bully journalists, it added.

SYRIZA statement

SYRIZA "unequivocally condemns the attack on Deutsche Welle journalist Thomas Jacobi by a group of extreme-rightists, during a rally against refugees at Syntagma Square on Sunday," main opposition party spokesman Alexis Charitsis said.

The same journalist had been attacked in a similar manner in 2018, he said, during a rally against the Prespes Agreement.

"Actions such as these directly harm the freedom of the press and democracy," he said, calling on the government to identify the attackers and "isolate, at last, the extreme right and its repulsive activity."