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US looks to Greece and abandons Turkey, Handelsblatt writes

Featured US looks to Greece and abandons Turkey, Handelsblatt writes

In an article titled “The US is enhances military presence in Greece”, German newspaper Handelsblatt reports that the US is shifting its strategic partnership in the Eastern from Turkey to Greece following Turkish President Erdogan’s closer ties with Putin’s Russia.

“Washington and Ankara are in constant friction. That is why the Americans are looking to Greece as a security partner in the eastern Mediterranean “, reads the article pointing out that that US has plans for the port of Alexandroupolis in northern Greece.

Handelsblatt says that “millions of investments are expected to pay off, reporting that “This year the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) intends to privatise the port management company. The Americans are very interested and have many plans for Alexandroupolis. Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to Greece, has inspected the port facilities several times in the past months. The diplomat talks enthusiastically about the city’s “great potential.”

Alexandroupolis symbolises a paradigm shift in US policy in the eastern Mediterranean. Since the early 1950s, Turkey has been the most important US security partner in this neighborhood of the world. That has begun to change since Turkish President RT Erdogan seeks to partner with Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.”