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Poll: Aegean islanders feel migrants are a threat

Featured Poll: Aegean islanders feel migrants are a threat

The view of migrants in the eastern Aegean islands that carry the bulk of the burden of migrant flows is extremely negative. 

One characteristic is the result of a Kapa Research survey that 65% of the inhabitants of the North Aegean islands speak of a threat to the country.

That figure, according to the daily Kathimerini, is up 9 points from a September 2019 survey when 56% said "immigrants are a threat to the country and we need to tackle it".

On the other hand, 21% responds that the presence of immigrants in the country is inevitable due to international and geopolitical developments, while only 10% agree that immigrants can also be an opportunity for the country if integrated effectively.

In a survey published by Kathimerini 9 in 10 residents of the Eastern Aegean islands of the Northern Aegean region estimates that increased migration flows have had a negative or rather negative impact on their area.

According to the rest of the survey conducted on a sample of 1,203 people from 11 to 13 February:

56% believe that no countervailing measures can improve the situation
70% feel very insecure
45% believe that the increased flows are due to the "fairly accepting" regime in Greece.