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Schools close in Athens for coronavirus fear

Featured Schools close in Athens for coronavirus fear

The number of schools closing due to coronavirus in Greece is increasing.

It is recalled that today the fourth outbreak of coronavirus was announced in Greece and specifically in Athens. According to information from iefimerida.gr, this is a 36-year-old teacher who taught special lessons to students and so it was decided to close the schools they attend. It also closes a kindergarten where the teacher's nieces go.

Specifically, according to the joint decision of the Ministries of Health and Education, the following schools will remain closed today, 28/2:
4th Gel of Chaidari
4th High School of Chaidari
11th Peristeri High School
1st Experimental High School of Athens
1st Glyfada High School
1st Glyfada Gel
19th Preschool of Peristeri
5th Primary School of Peristeri

The Ministry of Education notes that "members of school communities with coronavirus infections are under scrutiny."

Coronavirus: Three private schools in Athens closed

Three private schools in Athens have already closed as they are considering the possibility of a member of the school community has contracted coronavirus. It is recalled that the 40-year-old' child who was found to be coronavirus positive and is being treated at Atticon hospital attends Athens College. In fact, the woman's daughter was on an educational trip with other college students.

According to the Ministry of Education, these are:
1) High School and High School of Athens College
2) Gymnasium and High School of Psychico College
3) Kindergarten "I. M. KARRA"

According to reports, the 40-year-old's daughter will be examined in London and accordingly it will be decided whether she stays or returns to Athens. It is noted that the youngest child in the family attends the same school