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Italy’s coronavirus victims jumps to 463 in a day

Featured Italy’s coronavirus victims jumps to 463 in a day

Italy saw its death toll from the coronavirus spike yet again, with the number of casualties in the country rising from 366 to 463 on Sunday, according to officials.

Italy has been the most affected country in Europe from the coronavirus, with the total number of cases rising to 9,172 from 7,375 on Sunday. Commercial and tourism ties with Greece were until the outbreak of the coronavirus, causing concern in Greece as well.

At least 16 million people have been quarantined, with travel restrictions in place until April 3. Even government officials have been affected by the disease. Italian Chief of Army Staff Salvatore Farina tested positive for the coronavirus over the weekend and self-quarantined himself inside his home. Alberto Cirio, the head of the north-western Piedmont region, and Nicola Zingarett, the head of the central Lazio region, have also contracted the disease.