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Coronavirus shutdowns in Greece to include coffee shops, bars, museums and restaurants

Featured Coronavirus shutdowns in Greece to include coffee shops, bars, museums and restaurants

Greece expanded its measures of closures on Friday to prevent the spread of coronavirus epidemic by ordering the shutdown of coffee shops, bars, malls and restaurants.

In a daily televised briefing, disease specialist Sotiris Tsiodras announced that supermarkets, food shops, bakeries, pharmacies and public and private health services will remain open. Also remaining open will be all take-out and delivery food businesses.

Shutdowns, on the other hand, also include libraries, museums and archaeological sites, and sports venues. 

To date, confirmed coronavirus cases in Greece total 190 from yesterday's 117. Of the 190, 11 cases have no known cause of origin (9 of the 11 are in Attica region). A total of 47 people are hospitalized, 5 in intensive care units. Greece has recorded one coronavirus-related death so far.

The announcements for the closures followed a brief introductory message by Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias, who said the reasons for introducing the new measures are that new cases have appeared in areas with no previous case history and that the public is not observing official advice to restrict its movements and stay home instead.

Coronavirus numbers (Greece):

- Total cases as of March 13: 190 (Thursday total: 117), another 36 suspected cases being tested
- One death (unchanged since Thursday)
- Of 190, 47 are in hospitals, 5 of them in intensive care
- Age breakdown: 79 aged 40-44, 47 over 65, 7 children/teens aged 0-17
- Geographic breakdown: Athens 85, Ilia prefecture 40, Achaia prefecture 9, Thessaloniki 6, East Attica region 5, Zakynthos island 4 and Kastoria 3.
- Total lab tests conducted so far: 2,700 (1,000 of these in the last 48 hours)