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Life in lockdown for two villages in Kozani

Featured Life in lockdown for two villages in Kozani

The mobile phone designated by the municipality of Voio as a point of contact for the locked down residents of Damaskinia and Dragassia to pick up drugs and food has been ringing since morning.

In quarantine due to coronavirus
The 70 residents of Damaskinia and the 20 in Dragassia, the mountainous villages belonging to the Kozani prefecture, by the decision of the new Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Chardalias, have been placed in quarantine since yesterday afternoon (17.00). 

The Voio municipality employee, who is responding to the calls, has already begun to list individual orders for the elderly.

Others are looking for pharmaceuticals, while others are looking for products for their daily diet and hygiene needs. Today, at three after noon, the first itinerary will bring orders to the two villages.

How to get a coronavirus refueling
Mayor of Voio Christos Zekklis explained every detail of this process. The employee will enter the two villages by car of the municipality, wear a special protective suit and leave the bag with the supplies on the front door of the house, while the owners, who have been informed in advance, will leave the money in the same spot in a plastic bag. There will be one itinerary per day, and the municipality car, each time it completes its mission, will be disinfected by the protocol established by the health authorities. Also, the special multi-purpose protective suits provided by the municipality from the Kozani-based Brigade will be disinfected. For the needs of first aid, if one of the residents is ill, he will be taken by EKAB ambulance to Tsotyli Health Center.

Doctor and psychologist for coronavirus
The mayor of Voio also says that today the residents' contact with the doctor, psychologist and social worker will begin. By phone, the doctor assigned by the Tsotyli Health Center will communicate with each family in the two villages and talk to them about health issues. The psychologist and social worker will then take the baton, and will talk to the residents of the two villages, offering them assistance and support.

Police measures due to coronavirus
Pavlos Tzanas, president of the local Damaskinia district, says all residents have been informed by the municipality of what to do and have accepted that they should stay home. He also welcomes the fact that issues related to the needs of the village have been settled, and says that some residents have begun to cough or feel cold, pointing out that those with such symptoms have been told to report them to Tsotyli's doctor, with whom they will speak by phone. The message, however, conveyed by Mr Tzannas is that we are all in the village happy and will deal with this illness as needed.

As for the police measures, the entrance and exit of the two villages have been cordoned off, and as Kozani Police Director Spyros Diogaris said today there will be an audio message transmitted by ELAS patrols. With this message, residents will be informed of both the imposition of measures and the mandatory need to comply with the home restriction.