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President Sakellaropoulou: “In order for national effort to succeed, ‘we’ must come before ‘I'”

Featured President Sakellaropoulou: “In order for national effort to succeed, ‘we’ must come before ‘I'”

The message of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, was on the occasion of the National Anniversary of March 25th, with references as expected to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the “asymmetric threat” that Greece is facing at the present time on the Greek-Turkish border in Evros.

“This year’s anniversary finds our country facing an unprecedented threat that has dramatically changed our daily lives: the coronavirus pandemic. Inevitably, the established parades will not take place”, said Ms. Sakellaropoulou in her message. She stresses, however, that this year “they are, however, marching in front of us and making us proud, the heroes of the increasingly difficult daily life that the country is experiencing: the armed forces protecting our borders from Turkey’s aggression, the vigilant security guards, the doctors and nurses, the people of the State services, the workers who cover our daily needs, those who anonymously offer without expecting any benefit or recognition”.

March 25th teaches us that in order for a national effort to succeed, ‘we’ must come before ‘I’. Individual responsibility, cooperation and solidarity are at the heart of the new patriotism we need”, Mrs Sakellaropoulou pointed out in her message, publicly intervening in the debate over individual freedoms in recent days, noting that “the new measures in force are necessary for dealing with the crisis”.

Choosing a more personal tone she stated, “I am also hopeful that political parties come together and agree against a common enemy”, said Ms Sakellaropoulou on the occasion of tomorrow’s national celebration “and as then, so today, in order to shield the “we” and keep the country standing, we are called to set aside the “I”. To temporarily sacrifice our individual freedoms to defend the ultimate collective good of public health”, she concluded.