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Energy wholesale prices will fall in Greece says minister

Featured Energy wholesale prices will fall in Greece says minister

"Europe has not collapsed, but it did not thrill us either. I expected more. The narrow-minded approach is also directed against them, because there is no North without the South," Environment and Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said on Friday, in an interview with Skai radio station.

"In a union, you can't always win, you have to give as well. This does not have to do with a mistake made by a government in economic policy, but with a disaster that affects almost everyone. And we can't always be running to catch up with events. A pandemic has affected us since January. It is April and we are still talking," he added.

Hatzidakis stated that there will be additional European funding, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises with more flexible criteria. "But there will always be some criteria because, if the banks face problems again, we will have to finance them again," he said.

 "The same applies to the Public Power Corporation (PPC), if we stop paying the bills we will need to increase rates again. The problems are not solved magically," he said. In relation to the energy market, he stressed that deregulation, the phasing out of lignite and the international interconnections will help reduce wholesale prices on the Greek market.