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Roma infected with coronavirus moved to rehab center in Larissa

Featured Roma infected with coronavirus moved to rehab center in Larissa

Authorities moved 16 Roma, residents of a community near Nea Smyrni in central Greece who were found infected with coronavirus, to a rehabilitation center in the city of Larissa on Saturday.
They are some of the 20 total confirmed cases in the Roma community, which was visited on Friday by a task force comprising Civil Defence Deputy Minister for Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias and Health Ministry spokesman on novel coronavirus Sotiris Tsiodras.

The 16 were tranported from the community, which is under lockdown, by bus. The transfer was coordinated by the Region of Thessaly administration and the National Public Health Organization.
Another location near Larissa, the refugee center of Koutsohero, was also placed on lockdown after the first Roma case to become sick with Covid-19 from the virus had been in contact with refugees at the facility, which houses 1,558 individuals.

Over 200 people have been tested for coronavirus in the last two days, and all open-air markets (laikes agores) in Thessaly have been shut down.

Meanwhile the Larissa municipality has begun the supply of the Roma community, starting with immediate needs. The city has also set up small temporary structures wehre the community can access for food and other needs.