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President Sakellaropoulou's message for Easter

Featured President Sakellaropoulou's message for Easter

"The days of the pandemic, in our country and in the world, are like a long Holy Week. Τhis is felt everywhere, in the empty streets and in our houses, in our minds and hearts," President of the Hellenic Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou posted on Monday on Facebook.

"But the mourning of these days, as taught by our Orthodox tradition, is not accompanied by despair and pessimism. It is a sweet mourning, because it contains the seed of hope. Even in the lament of the Virgin Mary, which moves us so much, in the depths of mourning for human destiny, the determination of life prevails. We know that life will overcome death, we feel it in the nature that is reborn. In an atmosphere of awe and contemplation, contemplation and introspection, in the beneficial joy of this week, we expect the miraculous purification of the Resurrection.

"Easter is a passage to rebirth through the divine drama; a spiritual path to light. Interwoven with the history of Hellenism, it symbolises not only the resurrection of the nation, but also the essence of the Greek spirit, which has always believed in the ultimate triumph of good. It is the feast of joyful love. Death is defeated by love for the Other. And this victory is the unsurpassed miracle of these days, the miracle in which we all participate, offering our spiritual strength and practical solidarity to our fellow man, realising that his destiny is also our destiny.

"This year's Easter will be different in terms of how we celebrate it, but not in terms of its content. May this Easter be the perpetuation and the renewal of the miracle of life. We hope that it leads to the healing of the wounds in the body of mankind and the resurrection."

The post of the President of the Republic was accompanied by music by the composer Vangelis Papathanassiou.