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Greek Church leaders’ “ultimatum” demanding reopening of Churches

Featured Greek Church leaders’ “ultimatum” demanding reopening of Churches

Archbishop Ieronymos has requested in a letter to the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis the opening of the Churches, according to reports.

The letter, signed by Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens as President of the Permanent Holy Synod, emphasises that the Churches must be opened for the faithful with all the necessary measures for the protection of public health, ie all distances must be observed and with the presence of a particular number of believers on the basis of the square footage of each temple and the distances required between the faithful.

The majority of the Metropolitans are appealing to the state to express understanding on their request and re-open the temples with the necessary compliance of the faithful to the state measures.

According to reports, the Church leaders feel left out in terms of the decision making process, citing as examples the dialogue between the Churches in Austria and Germany with the respective states to shape a response amid the crisis, while the Greek state has not considered the view of the Greek Church.