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Released bear Cooper back in Arcturos

Featured Released bear Cooper back in Arcturos

Of the two bears released by wildlife sanctuary Arcturos last week, only Bradley has managed to adapt to life in the wild. Cooper, who was the weaker of the two and weighed just 67 kg to Bradley's 80, was later found near the Triantafyllia dam in Florina and his transfer back to the Arcturos wildlife shelter was deemed necessary.

According to an announcement, a motorist driving on the dam saw and videotaped the bear and, unfortunately, when the bear's presence became known, a number of people came to the spot and some actually started to feed it, thus eliminating any possibility that Cooper would get used to avoiding proximity with people.

The Arcturos emergency unit intervened and, for the safety of both Cooper and the public, decided to recapture the animal and transfer it back to the Arcturos shelter, where it will live from now on.