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Open air summer cinemas open for the public with safety measures

Featured Open air summer cinemas open for the public with safety measures

On the first day of summer, open air cinemas opened, which are operating under new conditions due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

Open air cinemas have been a staple for the summer recreation of Greeks for decades. Now, the doors of summer cinemas opened and the first spectators sat in their seats, wanting to enjoy the view. Of course, everything is done under the new safety rules for safeguarding public health.

The opening of the summer cinemas is undertaken with 75% of spectator capacity, without a break so that not everyone crowds in the canteen, but with the film playing in its entirety.

There is a gap of two seats, and spectators are required to keep a distance of at least 1.50 meters at the entrance and exit.

In every cinema all the measures regarding the hygiene of the spaces will apply.

At the same time, antiseptics are available in summer cinemas, as is the case in other businesses.

Finally, the use of a mask is optional for spectators, while mandatory for employees of summer cinemas, as well as the use of gloves.

However, a campaign entitled "Cinema is waiting for you" invites viewers to choose the summer cinemas for their outing.

Together, the Greek filmmakers decided with humor to remind Greeks that the summer cinemas are opening and will be close to them with new as well as older films, having of course taken all the necessary measures to make this experience as safe as possible for everyone.