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Face masks: Mandatory almost ... everywhere from today

Featured Face masks: Mandatory almost ... everywhere from today

There is intense concern due to the increased cases of coronavirus that have been recorded in recent days, with civil protection secretary Nikos Hardalias announcing yesterday the extension of the mandatory use of a mask almost ... everywhere. From elevators to banks.

Where the use of a mask is mandatory

More specifically, from today, it is mandatory to use a mask for the public and employees as follows:

retail stores
offices / services that have contact with the public, utilities, banks,
doctor's offices,
municipal stores,
food shops (bakeries, butchers, confectioneries, etc.),
hairdressers and beauty salons.
Compulsory mask use is still valid in:
mass transit means
taxis for passengers and drivers
Super Markets,
as well as for employees in restaurants.

What applies to churches
At the moment, churches are off the list, which, however, may change in due course, if it is found that the necessary measures are not observed. In view of the 15th of August, there is a concern, with Mr. Hardalias emphasizing that in the vast majority the churches comply with the measures, however, if the need arises, measures will be taken in temples as well.

The Holy Synod has already sent a circular to the Archdioceses emphasizing that safety measures for public health within the Temples must be observed. He even urges the clergy and monks to observe all the measures, as of course the faithful, in view of the feasts of the Transfiguration of the Savior and the Assumption of the Virgin, where crowds are expected within churches.

Open to extend the masks to schools and outdoors
At the same time, the president of the hospital doctors union, Matina Pagoni, once again rang the alarm bell for the spread of the coronavirus and called on the citizens to always have a mask with them and to use it properly.

Speaking to SKAI, however, Ms. Pagoni was absolutely clear in her message to citizens, saying that the most important thing is to maintain distances, as the mask is a complementary measure and she asked "what are they waiting for? Should Hardalias or any Hardalias have to say that?

With the continuous increase of cases, she did not even rule out the possibility that schools will open and masks will be mandatory for students. At the same time, she raised the possibility of another scenario, for the mask to become mandatory outdoors, as in Madrid, since in Spain there is an outbreak of coronavirus cases.

Fines for those who do not wear masks
It is reminded that those who do not wear a mask, where it is mandatory, will have to pay a fine of 150 euros. In fact, the inspections are expected to be intensive and there will be no relaxation, while those who wear the mask as accessories will also be expected to pay and not to protect themselves and the others who are in the area. So masks passed on the chin, neck or hung on the ear will be the reason for the fine of 150 euros.